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Design Philosophy

Designing and creating a new watch requires careful thought. Having created a 40 mm watch that suits both men and women, we embarked on a new project that was meant exclusively for women: the new 32 mm NOR1601 watch. This watch also offers a variety of case, dial and strap colour combinations.

The newcomer, we believe, is also a beautiful, stylish and contemporary watch consisting entirely of in-house designed components keeping well in line with world-renowned Danish design traditions.

Both watch models feature watch cases made of solid steel. The cases have been carefully hand-polished and feature scratch free sapphire crystal to give them a very high level of resistance during any kind of normal use.

The leather straps are stitched to ensure longer durability and have our logo embossment both on the back side and on the clasp.

To us, the NOR1501 as well as the NOR1601 models encompass all that we believe is high quality modern Danish design. We hope you will agree.