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Terms and conditions

General information:
Company Name: Norlite Denmark Aps
Danish company registration number (CVR): 36905956
Address: 46A Køgevej, DK-4000 Roskilde
Email adresse. contact@norlite-denmark.com
Telephone number: +45 2219 2263

On norlite-denmark.com you can pay with Dankort, MasterCard, VISA, JCB and American Express. In case of pre-payment please use the following bank details:

Danske Bank, registration no.: 3409, account no.: 11679722
IBAN no.: DK0230000011679722 – SWIFT code: DABADKKK

Delivery and payment
The These conditions apply in all those cases where no separate written agreements between the buyer and norlite-denmark.com have been entered into.below-mentioned terms of sales and delivery are applicable to all deliveries from norlite-denmark.com.

Time of delivery and shipping 
The delivery of watches from norlite-denmark.com is considered effectuated when the buyer has received the watch. All orders are dispatched using GLS or similar courier services unless other agreements have been entered into between the buyer and norlite-denmark.com. Freight is free of charge within Denmark (Greenland not included). For deliveries outside Denmark, the buyer will pay for the shipping.

Goods will normally be dispatched within 48 hours after receipt of the order unless norlite-denmark.com has already advised potential buyers that out-of-stock goods will only be dispatched at a later date. Delivery at the buyer’s address in Denmark will therefore normally take place within 3 days. Orders received on a Friday, however, will only be shipped the following Monday. The announced time of delivery is indicative only and can be prolonged in case a watch is out-of-stock.

The risk of the goods
The risk of the goods belongs to the buyer when the buyer has received the goods.

Cancellation policy
Norlite-denmark.com offers the buyer a 14 days cancellation right of the purchase.

The cancellation right expires 14 days after the day on which the buyer:

    • has received the watch
    • physically receives the last ordered watch in such case where the buyer has purchased several watches in the same order but delivered on different dates  

    The buyer will have to let norlite-denmark.com know about the buyer’s wish to cancel the purchase latest 14 days after having bought the watch. Such notification will have be made by sending an e-mail to contact@norlite-denmark.com. In the e-mail the buyer will have to notify norlite-denmark.com clearly that the buyer wishes to cancel the purchase.

    The buyer cannot cancel the purchase simply by refusing to receive the watch without notifying norlite-denmark.com at the same time.

    Return policy
    The buyer shall return the purchase as soon as possible and in any case no later than 14 days after the buyer has informed norlite-denmark.com that the buyer wishes to cancel the purchase. All costs related to the return shipping will be paid by the buyer.

    It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the watch is adequately protected during shipping. The buyer will carry the risk of the watch from the moment it has been received by the buyer.

    The condition of the watch upon return shipment
    The buyer is liable for any deterioration of the value of the watch due to any handling that goes beyond what is required to assess the watch as well as the way it functions. The buyer can only try to wear the watch to the same extent as if it had been tried on in a physical store.

    In case the watch has been used more than what is described above, it is considered as taken into use which means that the amount originally paid will either be partly refunded or not refunded at all, depending of the commercial value of the watch.

    In order to be paid back the full amount, the buyer can thus only handle the watch as it would have been handled in a physical store. The buyer can try the watch but not take it into use.

    Repayment of the purchase amount
    In case the buyer wishes to cancel the purchase, the amount paid to norlite-denmark.com will be refunded. In case of a deterioration of the value of the watch – for which the buyer is responsible – such reduced value will be taken into account upon refund.

    In case the buyer wishes to exercise his or her right to cancel the purchase, norlite-denmark.com will refund all payments received from the buyer, including shipment costs (except extra shipment costs as a consequence of the buyer’s own choice of a shipment method more expensive than our standard shipment method), without any unnecessary delay, and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which the buyer has advised norlite-denmark.com about the wish to cancel the purchase. Norlite-denmark.com will make the refund using the same means of payment as used by the buyer originally, unless the buyer has specifically agreed to a different method.

    Norlite-denmark.com can withhold the refund until the returned watch has been received, unless the buyer before that has presented proof of return of the watch.

    Returned goods should be sent to:
    Norlite Denmark
    46A, Køgevej
    DK-4000 Roskilde

    The buyer can also cancel the purchase by giving specific notification in this regard and then deliver the watch personally on the above address, provided that this has been agreed with norlite-denmark.com beforehand.

    What to return together with the watch ?
    The buyer should include a copy of the order confirmation.

    Please note that norlite-denmark.com does not receive goods by COD.

    When buying goods from norlite-denmark.com, the buyer has a 24 month warranty right on the product(s) purchased. This means that the buyer can have the watch repaired, exchanged for a new watch, refund of the purchase amount or a reduction in the price paid, depending on each individual case.

    The 24 month warranty right is applicable according to the conditions mentioned in our warranty cards. Those conditions are also featured on the Warranty folder on this web page. In order to exercise the warranty right, it is required that the watch has been used correctly, and that it has not been exposed to any unauthorized use, negligence and violent acts. The warranty right does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty right covers then functionality of the movement which means that strap, crown, crystal and battery are not covered by the warranty.

    It is a requirement that the claim for use of the warranty is justifiable, and that the mal-function of the watch is not due to incorrect use of the watch or other injurious behavior.

    How fast should the buyer give notice ?
    In the case of use of the warranty claim, the buyer will have to give notice within a reasonable time after discovering the mal-function of the watch. If the buyer gives notice within 2 months of discovering the mal-function, the warranty claim is considered timely.

    Refund of reasonable shipping costs
    Norlite-denmark.com will refund the buyer’s reasonable shipping costs.

    The watch should be sent to:
    Norlite Denmark
    46A, Køgevej
    DK-4000 Roskilde

    Information needed if a watched is returned to norlite-denmark.com
    When the buyer returns a watch he or she is requested to describe the problem as detailed as possible.

    Please note that norlite-denmark.com does not accept goods by COD.

    Please also note that the watch will have to be shipped in sound and adequate packaging, and the buyer is requested to ask for a receipt covering the shipping costs in order that norlite-denmark.com can refund these costs to the buyer.

    Personal data policy
    In order for the buyer to enter into an agreement with norlite-denmark.com, the following information is required:

    Phone number
    E-mail address

    Norlite-denmark.com only registers these data in order to be able to ship the watch to the buyer.

    These data are kept for 5 years after which period the data are deleted.

    When information regarding personal data is collected through norlite-denmark.com, we ensure that this is only done according to the buyer’s agreement hereto, for which reason the buyer is always aware which data are kept with norlite-denmark.com.

    The director and the administrator of norlite-denmark.com has the access to the information registered by the buyer.

    The person responsible for these data at norlite-denmark.com is Søren Stasig.

    We do not keep information about the buyer in any encrypted form.

    We do not transmit information about the buyer in any encrypted form.

    Information given to norlite-denmark.com is neither passed on nor sold to any third party, and we do not register any sensitive personal data.

    Being registered at norlite-denmark.com always gives the buyer the right to contest the registration. The buyer also reserves the right to know which data have been registered about the buyer. These rights are in accordance with the Law regarding Personal Data, and any questions in this regard should be addressed to norlite-denmark.com by e-mail: contact@norlite-denmark.com